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Pakistan threatens to withdraw from the World Cup after Jay Shah announces that the Asia Cup will be held in a "neutral venue."


     The 2023 Asia Cup will be played at a neutral location, according to BCCI secretary Jay Shah, setting the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards on a collision course on Tuesday. The neighbours then threatened to boycott the ODI World Cup in 2019. As a lead-up to the prestigious World Cup in India, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has given Pakistan the hosting rights for the 50-over Asia Cup in 2023. Shah also serves as the head of the Asian Cricket Council.

What they said

     Before Tuesday's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Mumbai, letters distributed to BCCI members mentioned the issue of India playing the Asia Cup in Pakistan.

     After the AGM, Shah was quoted by numerous cricket blogs as saying, "We have opted to play at a neutral venue." The fact that the continental event has previously been moved to a neutral location was one of the justifications given for not playing in Pakistan.

     The Asia Cup will be staged in Pakistan in September 2023, so there is still about a year before Jay Shah's announcement, according to a source inside the PCB. Shah claimed that although the PCB was aware that India's trip to Pakistan for the Asia Cup was on the BCCI AGM's agenda, it didn't anticipate any news at this time.

     The PCB source stated, "The PCB is asking in what capacity Jay Shah made the comment that the ACC will look to shift the Asia Cup to the UAE out of Pakistan." The PCB source pointed out that the executive board of the ACC, not the president, was responsible for awarding the hosting rights.


     According to PCB sources, Raja will write a stern letter to the ACC over the situation and request that an emergency meeting of the ACC board be called for Melbourne next month to discuss Shah's statement. 

     The insider further revealed that the PCB had made the decision to consider a number of possibilities and would not put up with any interference with its hosting rights.


The PCB believes the ACC was established to promote and develop cricket in the area and foster unity among the member nations, thus leaving the organisation is one possibility that is being considered.


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