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Who Wins If CSK vs. GT Final Reserve Day Is Cancelled Due to Rain in IPL 2023?


     The Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans' Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 championship game was postponed due to rain on Sunday, moving it to the reserve day on Monday. Due to the intense rain, not a single delivery was bowled, and the match's organisers concluded the ground wasn't suitable for play. Even though Monday's prognosis appears to be quite clear, additional obstacles to the game could lead to a number of different outcomes. While having a full 40-over game is the organisers' primary goal, a rain delay could cause the game to start later than planned or end in a super over. 

What time limits apply to rain delays?

     In the event of a weather delay, the game will begin to lose overs at 9:36 p.m. The match will then get shorter and shorter, with a five-over match having a cutoff time of 12:06 am (Tuesday). 

If a 5-over-per-side contest is not possible, what happens?

     If the rain continues to postpone the competition, Super Over may be used to select the winner. According to the rules, "For the final, if scheduling a 5-over match to be finished by the end of extra time on the reserve day is not possible, the teams will, if conditions permit, play a super over to determine the winner of the final." 

If super-over cannot be organised, who wins?

     The Gujarat Titans will benefit if the championship is entirely abandoned. Due to their superior league-stage performance over the Chennai Super Kings, the defending champions will take home the trophy.  

     The team that placed highest in the league table following the 70 regular-season games will be deemed the victor of the appropriate playoff game or final, according to the rule, in the event that the Super Over cannot begin or be completed without interruption.


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